In Three Sentences
Explain Social Media to someone in three sentences. The “someone” was assumedly in their late 80s, not familiar with a computer and the Internet or emerging from a deep cryogenic sleep capsule. I proffer that Social Media is no longer a disruptive technology and candidly was never a “technology.” Social Media is a communication tool… (0 comment)

Google Search + Your World
It’s Not The Sky – Honest! Okay…first of all don’t freak out!  There’s no issue here with personal privacy! Your personal information is NOT being strewn all about the web like your dirty laundry on wash day. Google+ cannot litter the Internet with that…only we can.  (Okay, well they could…but that’s a post for another… (0 comment)

Hard to believe it used to be fairly simple when developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy.  We had one or two social communities that “really” mattered.  Today however, there are over 300 social networking sites excluding those focused purely on dating.  Now not all of these social networking sites are relevant to a Digital Brand… (1 comment)

During one of my business networking events, I was offered the challenge to blog on the topic of Leadership.  It seemed like a pretty simple challenge, I mean who wouldn’t want a chance to rant about the list of leaders they’ve encountered.  I know from my own experience it’s not all it’s cracked up to be –… (0 comment)

It’s time for Next Steps. DUST OFF THAT RESUME Distribute your resume to all your professional contacts, friends, family and of course, update LinkedIn. Promote your personal online brand.  Connect with that “right” opportunity at the “right” time.   Yes, I’m going to shamelessly promote myself with video of sorts, I’ve uploaded my resume to YouTube.  Here’s… (0 comment)

Well…We Did It!  We launched our first Social Media Club Palm Beach County Chapter Meeting.  We we’re fortunate enough to have founder Chris Heuer,  leading a round-table discussion without the table. 😉  The primary topic of conversation focused on “Social Media @ A Cross-Roads.” I think the biggest concern for many of us who “practice”… (0 comment)

I don’t want to appear to play favorites…but I am so excited to have gotten a few moments with Kevin Wheeler, Founder and Chairman, Future of Talent Institute. His presentation/break-out session, “What Will 2010 Bring” on Thursday night, was standing room only. He painted a VERY realistic picture of the challenges facing organizations with talent… (0 comment)

I was consulting with a client the other day and she asked me what my thoughts were on building out and promoting “Talent Communities.”  This question made me sincerely pause.  And the first question I asked in reply was…”what’s a Talent Community?’  Clearly I have no problem with seeming slow and dimwitted.  I had no… (0 comment)

I’ve been here the whole time. Almost four years ago I purposely stopped blogging and posting op-ed content on social media. Those of you who stopped by are saying, “Yeah we can see that, so what’s the deal?” The deal is I landed a great job – my dream job. I worked with a niche… (0 comment)