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Digital Brand Strategist – Why You Need One.

Written By: Christina Tierney on November 18, 2011 2 Comments

The Conversation Prism

Hard to believe it used to be fairly simple when developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy.  We had one or two social communities that “really” mattered.  Today however, there are over 300 social networking sites excluding those focused purely on dating.  Now not all of these social networking sites are relevant to a Digital Brand Presence…but it does stop and make you think.

Step One – Audit the noise to determine the tone and sentiment of existing brand conversations.  If you’re not prepared for potential Public Relations nightmares, don’t execute the strategy.

Where do you want to be is the first question that comes into my mind.  Most clients tell me they want the basics, Facebook, Twitter, and maybe LinkedIn for their sales force and oh yeah, the talent acquisition folks (recruiters).   It used to be we had mountainous obstacles to overcome with the ROI challenge.  Now…not so much, because you know…everybody’s doing it.

In the end though…someone in the organization will want to know why you’ve spent $1000s on Social Media Strategies.  What makes the Fans/Followers/Likes/Tweeps so important.  How do you place a value on this?  Well that’s where the Digital Strategist comes into the picture.

A competent Digital Brand Strategist will be prepared to first perform an online reputation audit.  With the completed audit they should present the findings, provide baseline metrics for future measurement strategy as well as a Destination (participation) Roadmap.

Don’t go building out your Social Brand Strategy alone…connect with a trusted Digital Brand Strategist, one that’s competent in both digital marketing and social marketing.

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2 Responses to “Digital Brand Strategist – Why You Need One.”

  1. marketing on: 7 January 2012 at 4:42 pm

    Hello! It is for the firs time reaching this blog and i found some interesting posts. Reading them I was asking myself some questions. Why some bloggers are working so hard to put usefull information for the public and in the end they realized the compensation is too small? Is it worth it? The people who read this posts understand the volume of work necessary to mentain a blog alive? I really hope so.

  2. Christina Tierney on: 11 January 2012 at 10:53 am

    Interesting comment. In the early days of blogging, none of use were doing it for compensation. No one expected to be paid for a log of web entries on personal topics, interestes, or maybe even rants. The purist form of blogging is self expression – the opportunity to self publish without constraint or editorial control from someone else. It’s in the last say 2 or 3 years that we see “professional” blogging. Corporations are “getting it” and realize that content is extremely important in any digital brand strategy, especially where Search Engine Optimization is important for product sales, brand amplification. Deciding to “blog” for a living is not the best idea IMHO. The dollars will never be there. Mommy Bloggers are often targeted for product reviews, asked to share opinions on sites and services. Creating content for major SEO houses to push and manipulate search results is a tough gig…and again, don’t believe that the dollars are there. For a web professional to be relevant and paid for their expertise, it’s got to be about the holistic approach to building authentic web presence across the right platforms. It’s got to be about transparent Brand Amplification…not product manipulation.

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