Hard to believe it used to be fairly simple when developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy.  We had one or two social communities that “really” mattered.  Today however, there are over 300 social networking sites excluding those focused purely on dating.  Now not all of these social networking sites are relevant to a Digital Brand… (1 comment)

When is the last time you went with your gut?  You know…that strong knowing in the center of yourself crying out “Do It – SAY Something” while the account team drones on with empty noise.  Or worse there’s the fear that Negative Nora who always “poo-poos” your idea,  will somehow present it as her own.… (0 comment)

I’m going to focus on Search Engine Optimization in the next few weeks.  I’ll be sharing educational resources no one should be without.  You’ll also see a post or two on Career Web Site focused “content”…seeing how that’s where I spend most of my days. So for my first SEO Post, I wanted to share… (0 comment)