When is the last time you went with your gut?  You know…that strong knowing in the center of yourself crying out “Do It – SAY Something” while the account team drones on with empty noise.  Or worse there’s the fear that Negative Nora who always “poo-poos” your idea,  will somehow present it as her own.… (0 comment)

I’d been catching up on my reading and stumbled across Chris Saad’s Blog Paying Attention, posted August 26, 2008 entitled: “Revolution of Me: Chapter 2: Business 2.0 – Continued.” His post really inspired me from an Employer/Employee relationship perspective. I came away thinking about the choices we make to either exist as an “employee” of… (0 comment)

Had a really great presentation on Friday. I have to tell you that my absolutely favorite part of selling is presenting. There is nothing like the opportunity to connect with the buyer! During the moments that you educate and convert the decision makers, you are hopefully keeping it simple. I was inspired to post this… (0 comment)