I’ve been here the whole time. Almost four years ago I purposely stopped blogging and posting op-ed content on social media. Those of you who stopped by are saying, “Yeah we can see that, so what’s the deal?” The deal is I landed a great job – my dream job. I worked with a niche… (0 comment)

During one of my business networking events, I was offered the challenge to blog on the topic of Leadership.  It seemed like a pretty simple challenge, I mean who wouldn’t want a chance to rant about the list of leaders they’ve encountered.  I know from my own experience it’s not all it’s cracked up to be –… (0 comment)

When is the last time you went with your gut?  You know…that strong knowing in the center of yourself crying out “Do It – SAY Something” while the account team drones on with empty noise.  Or worse there’s the fear that Negative Nora who always “poo-poos” your idea,  will somehow present it as her own.… (0 comment)

Well…We Did It!  We launched our first Social Media Club Palm Beach County Chapter Meeting.  We we’re fortunate enough to have founder Chris Heuer,  leading a round-table discussion without the table. 😉  The primary topic of conversation focused on “Social Media @ A Cross-Roads.” I think the biggest concern for many of us who “practice”… (0 comment)

I’ve always been committed to goals…always ultimately pointing towards a “success” destination.  This magical place called success I was traveling to would ROCK!  I’d know I’d made it when I got there. In 07/08 I actually thought  I’d reached that point in my life.  I’d “achieved” this destination I’d so vividly painted in my mind’s… (0 comment)