Google Search + Your World
It’s Not The Sky – Honest! Okay…first of all don’t freak out!  There’s no issue here with personal privacy! Your personal information is NOT being strewn all about the web like your dirty laundry on wash day. Google+ cannot litter the Internet with that…only we can.  (Okay, well they could…but that’s a post for another… (0 comment)

Hard to believe it used to be fairly simple when developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy.  We had one or two social communities that “really” mattered.  Today however, there are over 300 social networking sites excluding those focused purely on dating.  Now not all of these social networking sites are relevant to a Digital Brand… (1 comment)

Okay…I’m late…I’m late getting a Wordcamp Miami 2010 recap onto the Blog.  It’s funny that it’s taken me so long because I had been sooo looking forward to the day.  I’m a self professed WordPress Geek…and love connecting with others who share similar passions. And you might ask…what is WordPress? Well, it’s an opensource blog… (0 comment)

Wow…Federal Charges for a YouTube Video! ? For myself and others who consult with clients daily on the Social Web Evolution this latest Social Media mishap was not a surprise and quite frankly expected. I’m referring, of course, to the Domino’s YouTube Video. If you haven’t heard about it yet, I’ll be surprised, but just… (1 comment)