I love to read and share my thoughts, especially when I find a book helpful or inspiring.  This is the first of what I hope are many quick Video Book Reviews. Related Links: 42 Rules for 24-Hour Success on LinkedIn South Florida Interactive Marketing Association (SFIMA)… (0 comment)

What is this you say? Well I’m proud to announce that my company Bernard Hodes Group – consulting with Client Lockheed Martin™, just recently delivered a very COOL widget solution for their HR Recruitment Strategy. FEATURES: Integrated News Feed: Widget pulls news from the departments blog site. Video Tab: Video tabs provides access to recent… (0 comment)

Those of you who know me…know that I’ve been conversing with many clients who’ve chosen to move their web content onto Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms. I have been researching for months the pros and cons of this trend. And honestly…this isn’t something that’s really new…it’s been around for awhile. Only with blogging and other… (0 comment)