When is the last time you went with your gut?  You know…that strong knowing in the center of yourself crying out “Do It – SAY Something” while the account team drones on with empty noise.  Or worse there’s the fear that Negative Nora who always “poo-poos” your idea,  will somehow present it as her own.… (0 comment)

It’s time for Next Steps. DUST OFF THAT RESUME Distribute your resume to all your professional contacts, friends, family and of course, update LinkedIn. Promote your personal online brand.  Connect with that “right” opportunity at the “right” time.   Yes, I’m going to shamelessly promote myself with video of sorts, I’ve uploaded my resume to YouTube.  Here’s… (0 comment)

What a day!  It was tremendous fun!  In addition to being honored as a Brand Ambassador for the day, and getting to ride in the Truly Nolen Mousecar, I got to meet some amazing people.  I genuinely enjoyed my day sharing smiles and some laughs along the way. Our day began with our orientation in… (0 comment)

When I get a chance to ride around town  in “the” Truly Nolen Mouse Car, and with a totally cool Twitter Peep no less…I jump at the chance and say “Hell Yeah!” Be sure to keep your eyes open for @FloridaFrecks, and myself @TwittGoddess as we tool around town in our way cool Truly Nolen… (0 comment)

So many folks have asked…”Where in the world is Christina?” What this really means is…why did I disappear from the “Social Media” scene. What happened? I’ll tell ya…I’ve had a tremendous load of personal life come crashing in on me. I know…I know…what about transparency, what about “keeping it real?” Fair enough question to ask.… (0 comment)