As promised…a really great interview…who better than David Manaster, CEO of ( You might be asking…what is…well…they’re a professional affinity community focusing on recruiting and HR news, information — including articles, discussions, blogs, jobs, conferences, research, email publications and much much  more. I personally find this site to be tremendous for up to… (0 comment)

I was consulting with a client the other day and she asked me what my thoughts were on building out and promoting “Talent Communities.”  This question made me sincerely pause.  And the first question I asked in reply was…”what’s a Talent Community?’  Clearly I have no problem with seeming slow and dimwitted.  I had no… (0 comment)

I’d been catching up on my reading and stumbled across Chris Saad’s Blog Paying Attention, posted August 26, 2008 entitled: “Revolution of Me: Chapter 2: Business 2.0 – Continued.” His post really inspired me from an Employer/Employee relationship perspective. I came away thinking about the choices we make to either exist as an “employee” of… (0 comment)