I was consulting with a client the other day and she asked me what my thoughts were on building out and promoting “Talent Communities.”  This question made me sincerely pause.  And the first question I asked in reply was…”what’s a Talent Community?’  Clearly I have no problem with seeming slow and dimwitted.  I had no… (0 comment)

Wow…Federal Charges for a YouTube Video! ? For myself and others who consult with clients daily on the Social Web Evolution this latest Social Media mishap was not a surprise and quite frankly expected. I’m referring, of course, to the Domino’s YouTube Video. If you haven’t heard about it yet, I’ll be surprised, but just… (1 comment)

Had a really great presentation on Friday. I have to tell you that my absolutely favorite part of selling is presenting. There is nothing like the opportunity to connect with the buyer! During the moments that you educate and convert the decision makers, you are hopefully keeping it simple. I was inspired to post this… (0 comment)

The biggest mistake I see with any solutions proposal is…we make our clients think too hard. And now you’re saying…”What the hell?” Well…yeah…we make them think too hard. If we want a client, especially one we’ve had a long term partnership with…to really respect us and take our consultation seriously, we are the ones that… (0 comment)