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It’s a Journey Not a Destination

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I’ve always been committed to goals…always ultimately pointing towards a “success” destination.  This magical place called success I was traveling to would ROCK!  I’d know I’d made it when I got there.

In 07/08 I actually thought  I’d reached that point in my life.  I’d “achieved” this destination I’d so vividly painted in my mind’s eye.

Those of you who know me well…know that 08/09 has been less then a vision of perfection for me.  What I thought would be my success destination has turned out to be the continuation of a process…the process being “my life.”

So I stumbled on this great video from TED Talks – speaker Richard St. John.  He shares insights on his Success Journey.  I was so struck by his talk because he’s very direct – takes maybe 3 minutes to watch.   But in those 3 minutes I found an affinity in his sharing.

My take-away…I’m not alone here…I’m not done.  It’s still a journey…only now…I really know it’s not a destination.

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