Google Search + Your World

Really Chicken Little? The sky is falling?

It’s Not The Sky – Honest!

Okay…first of all don’t freak out!  There’s no issue here with personal privacy! Your personal information is NOT being strewn all about the web like your dirty laundry on wash day.

Google+ cannot litter the Internet with that…only we can.  (Okay, well they could…but that’s a post for another day…let’s stay focused here)

For the last two days I’ve had conversations with folks who’ve decided that Google is the new Evil Empire out to trap the unsuspecting web citizen.

This is not the case.

Google’s strategy has always been first and foremost focused on speed of information.  The speed at which,  relevant information results  are delivered to our fingertips.

‘Fast is better than slow’ has been a Google mantra since our early days, and it’s more important now than ever. The Internet is the engine of growth and innovation, so we’re doing everything we can to make sure that it’s more Formula 1 than Soap Box Derby. Speed isn’t just a feature, it’s the feature.

The Google Gospel of Speed, WORDS BY Urs Hoelzle


How Do I Look?

I know you noticed the emphasis I placed on the word relevant.  Search + Your World is about the information that matters to YOU and your circles of influence.  What’s really important to note here is you get the option to choose.

Let’s take a quick look at how the terrifying new search affects my results.  My keyword is simply photos.

  1. I can CHOOSE to have the results delivered reflect my preferences, circles of influence, my presence.  It’s important to note here that I MUST be logged into G+ to select this feature.  You’ll note that in the upper right hand corner, the user icon is highlighted.  I can easily just switch back to worldwide results.  Not quite vanilla, but definitely a far less personalized experience.
  2. My connections to other talented professionals, artists, thought-leaders and the world at large are positively impacted.  You’ll see that I follow Trey Ratcliff.  He’s an amazing photo journalist…artist!  BTW You have to check out his site  Now I’m introduced to +Lisa Bentanny.  I have an opportunity to review her work…see if I find value in that potential connection.  This is very simliar feature to what Facebook does to me all day.
  3. Relevant photos are not just photos of me.  Although I look AMAZING in the SFIMA Photobooth pic with my buddy +Jeff Cohen.  The images delivered are from my friends and  family, my circles. I was delivered a gorgeous virtual photo album of family and friends.

Don’t Be Evil!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not drinking the kool-aide like a wall-eyed zombie.  The “Don’t Be Evil Manifesto” is integral to the Google corporate culture.  However, corporations are led by just plain folks.

Do I think maybe there’s a self-serving motive here?

Uh Yeah!  Google sells information.  Google has to have THE BEST information around, or I’m going to go somewhere else to find it.  Candidly the reason Google continues to be my Search Engine of Choice, is that from the very beginning it always delivered (secret-sauce) relevant results.  Based on my search history, preferences, etc., I have expectations that my time invested will pay off. We really do have options, Bing and Yahoo are search engines.  They’ve  both had attempts at building out online communities to tap into true social search.  But IMHO they failed.  I’m not forced or mandated by government to use any one service so I choose Google, they deliver.

You Decide.

I invite folks to join the G+ community, do your research, check out the links I ‘ve provided below.  Understand that you have the power to control the privacy settings on any of these communities.  You can be as “out-there” as you like – or not.  It’s important to note that participating on line will bring with it risks, it’s not a mindless endeavor, it actually requires cultivation.  Let’s all take responsibility for our online presence…build one or don’t.  Please make you own informed decisions.

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Author: Christina Tierney

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