When Cutting Edge Companies GET IT!

What is this you say? Well I’m proud to announce that my company Bernard Hodes Group – consulting with Client Lockheed Martin™, just recently delivered a very COOL widget solution for their HR Recruitment Strategy.


Integrated News Feed: Widget pulls news from the departments blog site.

Video Tab: Video tabs provides access to recent video footage.

RSS Feed Support: Provides access to news via an RSS feed.

“Get this Widget” HTML Code: Allows users to embed widget on their own sites.

Flexibility: Works standalone or embedded in their Career site.

This is the future of connecting and conversing with candidates across the globe. Lockheed Martin is always finding ways to stay ahead of their recruiting competition.

Imagine Lockheed employees who are blogging are able to share on theirs as well. Or even better…sitting on a LinkedIn profile or other affinity networks where a current employee may “hang-out.” Even better…if college students, planning to join the org are excited about their future employer…they may be spreading the word by sharing on their Facebook profile.

This is way too cool for School! 😉 Just a little something to think about…recruiting is selling…this is how you continue to build the relationship with the client (the candidate)…can’t help but say it again…too cool for School!

Author: Christina Tierney

I’m a passionate cross-channel marketer that excels at developing high-performing integrated strategies that result in increased revenue for both my clients and agency. The views expressed here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my clients or employer.