Where in the world?

So many folks have asked…”Where in the world is Christina?”

What this really means is…why did I disappear from the “Social Media” scene. What happened?

I’ll tell ya…I’ve had a tremendous load of personal life come crashing in on me. I know…I know…what about transparency, what about “keeping it real?”

Fair enough question to ask. Here’s my answer…


I’m Weary Let Me Rest!

I don’t mean to be rude…I’m just being honest. Folks who are closest to me  know how hard the last two years have been. I’ve had personal loss that no one should have to bear. I’m grateful that I have my health. My two beautiful sons are doing great. They’re becoming fine young men. I can’t believe that my eldest baby will be 20 this year. Just like everyone says, WOW the time just flew.

However, I’m only just beginning to move forward from the loss of my younger Brother. His passing in December of last year brought me to my knees. It’s all so cliched to say, you just never know when you’ll be told you’re time is limited. But it’s true damn it…you don’t.  I’m praying every day to be reconciled with my regrets. I wish for more time to spend with my beloved Joe…I wish for more chances to have just told him how much he was my inspiration – a hero to me. I’ll be listening to music, tasting some amazing delicacy, feeling a summer breeze across my shoulder…and I’ll miss him beyond description.

I’m only able to move forward these days, because I believe in a glorious heaven. I envision Joe in his Heaven –  sitting in his kayak, with a fishing pole, miles and miles of blue sky, white wispy clouds, clear crystal ocean, and a cold cold beer. I get this sense he’ll turn around and it will only be a moment in time – we’ll all be hanging out clinking our bevs and hugging. He’s waiting with my Grandparents, he’s waiting on the far side banks of Jordan.

This is where I’ve been. I’ve been grieving and recuperating from loss. I don’t have any intentions of walking away from my site or from the 2.0 revolution. I love blogging, I love my connections and the opportunity to create.

When I stumbled into the Social Media scene in 2006 I was overcome with a new energy, like I had found Jesus. Yes…I had a very profound epiphany. I realized that the world as I knew it would never be the same. My relationships could and have been enriched by Social Networks beyond my imaginings. When Joe passed we all expressed our grief by laying our sadness at his Facebook Gravesite. My Brother’s Facebook profile is still active. Occasionally I’ll be prompted to drop him a line cause we’ve not posted on each others wall in a while. Since he was cremated…this is where I go to visit with him. I’m truly humbled when I read the outpouring of love represented in each and every comment. I’m oddly grateful that Facebook gives me this opportunity. It’s like he lives on in zeros and ones and aptly so, since he was a geek extraordinaire who loved to code.

And I’ve been thinking…what’s next?

My blog is www.christinatierney.com. I originally decided to buy that URL, to protect the Christina Tierney brand. I didn’t want the online world to control content. I insisted on creating my own and then manage “my” online presence. But this endeavor has to be more than that. Have I got something to say? Is what I have to say only about my career, what I do to pay the bills? That’s not all that Christina Tierney is. It’s not all that I am.


If I run out of things to say, I’ll bid everyone adieu. For now…I’ve still got too much on my mind. I’m still here.

Author: Christina Tierney

I’m a passionate cross-channel marketer that excels at developing high-performing integrated strategies that result in increased revenue for both my clients and agency. The views expressed here are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my clients or employer.