Truly Nolen!? The Mouse Car!?

My Childhood Memories - Truly NolanWhen I get a chance to ride around town  in “the” Truly Nolen Mouse Car, and with a totally cool Twitter Peep no less…I jump at the chance and say “Hell Yeah!”

Be sure to keep your eyes open for @FloridaFrecks, and myself @TwittGoddess as we tool around town in our way cool Truly Nolen Mouse Car, in the #MousecarParade.  We’ll be a part of a very cool pack of MouseCarTeers!

  • @amandastewart
  • @vicequeenmaria
  • @miamishines
  • @abachinminuet
  • @jarrett23
  • @pizzafusion
  • @fsutoby

I’m trying to keep up with all the crew…and may have missed a few…forgive me if I did.  If you’re in the parade…comment below and let us all know who you are.

We’ll be tweeting from the route…and I’m going to upload video footage of our silliness during the day…if I can.  If I’m too busy having fun…I’ll post the days events afterward.  Keep your eyes open – you don’t want to miss this!  🙂

Author: Christina Tierney

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